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Baseline assessment of your memory and executive function will provide guidance to the best practices for your brain’s healthcare. Vel Health’s self-guided and caregiver-directed assessments, evaluations, and treatment plans meet the needs of those seeking to improve or maintain brain health.

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Start the journey to better brain health by scheduling a time that works for your schedule.
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Take a quick, online assessment and then speak to a doctor for a more detailed look at your results.
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Our doctors provide custom mental and physical health plans, supplements, and therapy.
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Get monthly, quarterly, and annual appointments to help you maintain or exceed your goals.


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Brain Health Booster 🧠
Includes a universal plan based on screening results. Valued at $300.
$ 75 per month
  • Early detection screening
  • Brain health improvement plan & milestones
  • Nootropics & supplement recommendations
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Exercise plan
  • Brain games
  • Cognitive screening every 2 months
Cognitive Repair Plan 🚀
Services include a *customized* plan for each individual. Valued at $750.
$ 125 per month
  • Detailed domain screenings
  • Brain health improvement plan & milestones*
  • Nootropics & supplement recommendations*
  • Dietary recommendations*
  • Exercise plan*
  • Brain games
  • Cognitive screening every month
  • 15-Minute physician meeting

Upcoming Webinar:

What Is Brain Health?

Get a baseline assessment of your memory and executive function. Identify your risk of developing Alzheimer's or Dementia and how to manage it for you or a loved one.

Time goes quickly. Make sure you're making the most of it and prolonging your #brainhealth.

Sat, July 16

10:00 AM (CST)